Revolutionizing Strategic Communication: Social Media and the Web

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter have supported the rise and ease of strategic communication professions. To better understand strategic communication, we must break it into two parts: strategic and communication. Strategic means to establish goals, while communication is defined as the exchange of ideas. An example of this profession would be a public relations practitioner. PR professionals utilize social media tools on a daily basis. They depend on Twitter, RSS, and analytics to locate, connect, and promote the image of their company/organization with the consumer.  For example, a PR professional can create a twitter account and tweet about events their company holds or sponsors.  Consumers who follow this account can reply or retweet to this tweet, which allows for a direct-to-consumer approach for the PR professionals. A great article to read for more information on this concept:


The web also allows for ease of access to locating consumers. PR professionals can use analytic sites to locate consumers and find where most spend their time on the internet. For example, say a PR professional runs a search on which website many of their customers visit frequently. The results yield a popular website,, a web page dedicated to sharing quirky and adorable kittens. The editor of the site posts a kitten picture every other day with a description of the young cat. A good PR practice would be for the professional to comment and become familiar with the editor. Once a network is established and the editor holds the opinion of the PR practitioner in regard, then the PR professional would be able to send the editor adorable kitten pictures they may or may not use for their posts.  The PR professional has established a positive relationship with the influential editor.  The kitten photo editor now promotes the brand of the PR practitioner’s company to the target audience, creating a viable market for the company.


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