When Things Get Prickly, You Need A Superhero Razor

Gillette has revolutionized the world with their innovations in blade technology by always looking for what features their competitors don’t have. But this month, they introduced super razors that have the potential to shave the world: the Superhero Razors. These shaving blades are physically and technologically modeled after the features and powers of the Avengers. gillette-unveils-superhero-razorsGillette seized the opportunity made available by the release of the new Avengers movie, the Age of Ultron. They saw the waves Marvel was making with consumers, decided to grab a board and not only ride the waves, but turned the hype into a surf competition that had Avengers-fans everywhere cheering Gillette on.

Although, social media strategies such as this one have tremendous and various forms of risks, Gillette has become a superhero to the world’s shavers. How did they do this? By using the right content on the right platform. Gillette posted their ad on Twitter before spreading it to Facebook. This was a prime example of posting on the right platform: 284 million monthly active users (Twitter Statistics) on a social media site optimal for messages (tweets) that are short, but sweet!

Overall, Gillette planned and implemented this social media campaign with success! Utilizing the Avengers hype, staying true to their brand, and their use of humor, is still leaving audiences with anticipation, respect, and laughter.


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